Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to price my project?

This depends on the project. Small jobs can take less than one week, while new houses can take up to 2 weeks to gather all the prices from the different trades.

Do you have references available?

We have some references on our "Testimonials" page, but have several other who may be contacted.

Do you do "Full Contract" or "Labour Only"

We do a mixture of full contract and labour only depending on what the client requires. Some projects, due to their complexity, can only be undertaken on a "labour only" contract

Do you require a separate project manager or will you manage the whole project.

We do not use separate project managers, but manage the whole project ourselves. John will be on site daily to ensure that the job runs smoothly and to organise the sub-contractors when and where necessary

Do you specialise in renovations or do you build new homes also.

We do both. We have had a lot of experience in both areas and have numerous referees, in either area, that you can talk to,

When do we pay you.

This depends on the project. Payment terms are always listed on our quotes.

How do I know you are available?

Send us a message or give us a "ring". We are currently between jobs, current 22nd March, and ready to go!